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1st Quarter 2018 Newsletter

• Architectural / Landscaping Committee

The committee has begun their inspections of our development. If you have seen or spoken to one of the committee members, please keep in mind that these folks are homeowners and have volunteered their time for this committee. These inspections will benefit our development with the needed repairs to the townhomes and the HOA property. The Board appreciates the work that the committee has done.


The units to be painted this year are:
Units 129 thru 134  and Units 149 thru 152

Steve Mozingo will begin painting in April

EACH OWNER’S DUTY – Clean your sidewalk and patio.

To clean concrete, pour out a water solution with Clorox on the concrete, use a stiff brushed broom to scrub, and then allow it to sit for a period of time. Afterward, wash off. A water hose can be handy when cleaning your patio. It’s quicker & You don’t have to carry buckets of water .
Wear gloves when handling bleach.
If your patio is really dirty, you can use a pressure washer to clean it.


The HOA Board would appreciate that you limit your potted plants on your front porch including your stoop to a total of 3 pots.


Turf Pro planted new shrubbery or a type of bush at units # 105, 111, 113, 116 and 118.

Please water your new plants every other day as needed. If you are unable to water your plants, please contact a Board member or email Donna Thornburg. The landscaper says they will not survive unless watered. Thank you and your plants will thank you too!!


Turf Pro did put the mulch in the front of the townhomes in March. If the mulch is against your wooden siding, the Board is requesting that you rake the mulch back to prevent rotting. If you are unable to this, please contact a Board member or email Donna Thornburg.

• Welcome New Homeowners

 # 118 Terri Glenn

# 120 – Jarcheu Joachim

#128- Charles & Barbara Janus


Due to the cost of repairs to the siding of our units, the Board has requested no items, such as plaques, ornaments or signs be attached to the siding. Also no shrubbery should be touching the siding. The repair cost has risen yearly and the dollars spent repairing your unit effects the entire development. We appreciate your cooperation.

• Plumbing/Piping

Some homeowners may have a concern about the plumbing of their townhome. If you would like to replace the pipes, homeowners in our community have recommended Dependable Plumbing at 828-291-2548. The company has replaced several pipes in the development and is reasonable and dependable.

• Reminder – Maintenance

 Remember that maintenance requests, complaints, or concerns should be written down and mailed to Thornburg & Associates, Inc., PO Box 3443, Hickory, NC 28603 or faxed to 828-328-2938 or email to

HOA management will then forward to the Board for discussion at the next monthly Board meeting. A response will follow. For urgent matters such as a leaking roof or sewage back up, PLEASE call the office at 828-328-2936.


There have been complaints from homeowners that unidentified dog owners are not picking up after their dogs in the field. If possible, please ask the dog owner to pick up after his dog. The HOA pays to have the field mowed.

Document Dilemma KEEP IT — OR —SHRED IT?

 Tax Return: keep for 7 years – Investment statements for taxable accounts: once you receive yearly summary, shred monthly and/or quarterly statements – Bank statements: keep for years when supporting tax returns, if not, shred after balancing account – Credit card statements: keep when major purchase included in case needed for warranty or when charitable contribution is on statement. All others may be shredded once verified. – ATM receipts: shred once verified against bank statement – Cancelled checks: unless needed for tax return or other purpose, shred after 1 year – Medical bills: keep at least 1 year unless supports a tax deduction then save with tax documents – Retirement plan contributions: keep records of contributions to non-deductible individual retirement accounts indefinitely – Insurance policies, wills, birth certificates, citizenship papers, and other legal documents: keep forever in a secure place (safety deposit box at bank or a fireproof box at home) These guidelines are provided for information purposes only. It is recommended that you check with your insurance company, brokerage firm, government agency, lenders or creditors to find out if you should keep your records longer based on your individual situation.

Annual Homeowners Meeting- January 27, 2018

Annual Homeowners Meeting
Saturday, January 27,2018
10:00 am to Noon
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

* Please attend the annual meeting and ask your fellow homeowner friends and neighbors to also attend.  If you cannot attend, please complete a proxy form for voting purposes and return to management prior to the meeting.

* We will review 2017 financials and the budget for 2018.

*The annual meeting is a time of review of 2017 HOA business and community-wide concerns as well as plans for 2018.  No individual issues will be discussed.   If any are given, we will be glad to make a note of each for discussion at the next Board meeting.

Rental Units – Insurance – Mailbox Parking – Satellite Dishes

Rental units:

Renters must abide by the Pebble Creek Homeowners bylaws & declarations of covenants, conditions and restrictions.  These are for the protections and rights of all the homeowners.

  • Homeowners’ insurance info – Donna Thornburg has been working on the homeowners’ insurance information and her list is almost complete. If you have not emailed or mailed or dropped off your insurance information to Donna, please do as soon as possible.  The list needs to be completed.
  • Parking at Mailboxes – The Board is working on a solution on cars being parked in front on our mailboxes. Since this is NOT our land, we are trying to solve by adding a sign.  We hope, out of consideration for Pebble Creek homeowners, the renters at the Villas will cooperate.
  • Satellite dishes. Please contact Donna Thornburg or a Board member before the installer is at your home. If you are thinking about getting a satellite, the placement of the dish is very important and has to be approved.The Board is so elated to have Donna Thornburg back with us.  Donna has the experience and “get it done” attitude that we can all appreciate! Please email or call Donna Thornburg with your concerns/complaints/compliments.Email   Phone: (828) 328-2936


Reminders: No Parking on Street – Speed Limit – Leash Law

No Parking on the Street

Why do we need to adhere to this request?  If there is an emergency, the firetruck will arrive first on the scene, then an ambulance will follow.  If someone is parked on the street, it is impossible for the firetruck to get to the person in need.  Please be considerate of others.

Follow the speed limit – 15 MPH

Some drivers don’t think about the risks they create. A driver may not think going 5 or 10 mph over the speed limit will be noticeably less safe, but just a 10 mph difference in speed can be critical to whether a pedestrian lives or dies when struck by a car. And the same for someone’s beloved pet.  Please obey the 15 MPH limit.

Leash Law

Outside of your townhome, your dog must be on a leash.  This is a City of Hickory law and also Pebble Creek Homeowners Declarations, Article X, Section Four. Please scoop the poop.  Keep in mind that “your yard” is actually HOA property which we maintain with homeowner dues.  As well, HOA board members may walk through yards to attend to HOA business.  Please be considerate.  Finally, remember the mowers will throw your dog’s business everywhere!