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Pebble Creek Home Owners Association Quarterly Newsletter #4 – 2014

Dear Fellow Pebble Creek Homeowners,

Our annual meeting December 18th is fast approaching and your information package is enclosed with this newsletter.  Please note that there will be no special assessment during 2015 and the monthly dues will remain at $160. We hope you will attend and join us in greeting new members to our community and vote for the new Pebble Creek HOA Board members.

We (the Pebble Creek HOA Board) hope to finish 2014 trimming the trees along the street and add new shrubs and bushes.  Some areas have become overgrown with plants too big or when trimmed look bare. These new plants need watering at least weekly. If you are unable to water the new plants or would like to help your neighbors around you in doing so contact Jack Bowman or Debbie Peek.

The Architectural Committee has been making visits to units inspecting the common grounds and exterior.  For our unit (128) they approved the plants and upgrades made but disapproved the front door that has a glass panel insert. Every change we made was written down with a notation whether approved or disapproved and a copy was given to us.

Remember before any changes or additions may be made to the exterior of a unit or to common property written permission must be requested and granted in writing by the Board of Directors.

From the Architectural Committee – Exterior Holiday Decorating

Pebble Creek welcomes the joy of the holidays and the beautiful greenery and
festive colors indicative of the season.  We have established the following guidelines for homeowners who would like to decorate the exterior of their units. Continue reading Pebble Creek Home Owners Association Quarterly Newsletter #4 – 2014