Pebble Creek HOA Insurance

The Pebble Creek HOA property Insurance Policy has been added to the Documents page. You can also follow this link.

The HOA Board requested this commercial insurance policy after a strong June 2015 storm felled numerous trees causing damage to some of the units.  When the Board made a claim to the insurance company, it was denied with the insurer citing an  “Act of God” (windstorm) not covered by the policy (see NOTICE TO NORTH CAROLINA POLICYHOLDERS near the beginning of the policy).   A Board member familiar with insurance scanned the document and found this to be true except for possibly fire damage.   The  insurer told the Board that the homeowners whose units were damaged should file a claim with their insurance company.   The primary purpose of the policy was to cover liability.  The Board will revisit this policy to determine if more coverage is needed.