Rental Units – Insurance – Mailbox Parking – Satellite Dishes

Rental units:

Renters must abide by the Pebble Creek Homeowners bylaws & declarations of covenants, conditions and restrictions.  These are for the protections and rights of all the homeowners.

  • Homeowners’ insurance info – Donna Thornburg has been working on the homeowners’ insurance information and her list is almost complete. If you have not emailed or mailed or dropped off your insurance information to Donna, please do as soon as possible.  The list needs to be completed.
  • Parking at Mailboxes – The Board is working on a solution on cars being parked in front on our mailboxes. Since this is NOT our land, we are trying to solve by adding a sign.  We hope, out of consideration for Pebble Creek homeowners, the renters at the Villas will cooperate.
  • Satellite dishes. Please contact Donna Thornburg or a Board member before the installer is at your home. If you are thinking about getting a satellite, the placement of the dish is very important and has to be approved.The Board is so elated to have Donna Thornburg back with us.  Donna has the experience and “get it done” attitude that we can all appreciate! Please email or call Donna Thornburg with your concerns/complaints/compliments.Email   Phone: (828) 328-2936


Reminders: No Parking on Street – Speed Limit – Leash Law

No Parking on the Street

Why do we need to adhere to this request?  If there is an emergency, the firetruck will arrive first on the scene, then an ambulance will follow.  If someone is parked on the street, it is impossible for the firetruck to get to the person in need.  Please be considerate of others.

Follow the speed limit – 15 MPH

Some drivers don’t think about the risks they create. A driver may not think going 5 or 10 mph over the speed limit will be noticeably less safe, but just a 10 mph difference in speed can be critical to whether a pedestrian lives or dies when struck by a car. And the same for someone’s beloved pet.  Please obey the 15 MPH limit.

Leash Law

Outside of your townhome, your dog must be on a leash.  This is a City of Hickory law and also Pebble Creek Homeowners Declarations, Article X, Section Four. Please scoop the poop.  Keep in mind that “your yard” is actually HOA property which we maintain with homeowner dues.  As well, HOA board members may walk through yards to attend to HOA business.  Please be considerate.  Finally, remember the mowers will throw your dog’s business everywhere!

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