Architectural Control

Architectural Control

The covenants and bylaws for Pebble Creek Townhouses clearly state what can and cannot be placed or planted in the common areas of the community. The common areas of the community are all of those areas not actually occupied by the townhomes and rear patios, including all yards, sidewalks, driveways and roads. When we moved to this planned community we agreed to adhere to these regulations contained in the covenants and bylaws. These regulations are in place so that we are able to maintain the overall beauty and consistent look and value of our community.

While we can appreciate the expression of individuality, any and all actions in the common areas need prior approval in writing before placement.

Mulch bed edging in the front areas is disallowed except with prior approval of the board. Edging that separates a mulch bed from a sidewalk may be allowed if it is in keeping with guidelines set by the board.

All lighting in the common areas for decorative purposes is disallowed.  Lighting for safety reason near sidewalks or steps may be allowed.

No fences in any form are allowed.

No signs are allowed with the following exceptions. For sale or for rent signs are allowed only in front of the unit to be sold or rented. USA flags are allowed when attached to the unit and flown in accordance with section 285b of title 2 of the U.S. Code. A small decorative flag and holder no larger than 18 inches high by 18 inches long may be allowed with approval.

No planting may be done without prior written permission. The plantings in the front yards have been placed by and are maintained by the HOA. If a homeowner needs to have any plant replaced in the front of their property for good cause a written request needs to be made to the HOA Board. We have a list of approved plants and it will be replaced as soon as it is feasible.

Planting to the sides and the rear of the units can be done by the homeowner within 5 feet of their townhouse. Again, plantings need prior approval by the HOA. These plantings will be maintained by the homeowner in perpetuity. In the past many plantings were done by owners that are now overgrown, poorly placed, and not properly trimmed interfering with mowing, roofing, gutters, and lawns. A number of these plantings have now become the responsibility of the HOA adding additional cost burden to all owners.

Plant containers in the front of the property are limited to no more than three planters and their plant stands. Our regulations do not allow for any containers if they are read strictly. However, we feel that some plant containers may be allowed so long as they are in accord with the overall architectural look of the community. Placement of the container(s) may be on the stoop, sidewalk, or steps leading to the front of the unit. The homeowner agrees to keep the plants healthy and to change out the plants as needed. All plants and containers must be approved by the HOA.

Any object that is placed in the common areas of the community is also subject to the regulations in the Covenants and Bylaws. Yard ornaments, furniture, or grills may not be left in front yards or where they are visible from the front. In the rear yard ornaments, furniture, grills, etc., may be placed in an area that will not interfere with mowing or any other HOA activity. Placement of any of these items in a common area falls under the regulations and must be approved.

No decoration may be placed on or attached to a unit. The only exception is that each unit may have an approved seasonal wreath placed near or on the front door.

Any changes or additions to the units exterior must be approved. This would include all doors including garage doors and storm door, windows including glass, lighting fixtures, sidewalks, patios, etc. Storm doors must be a solid glass pane only with a uniform frame of approved color. Storm doors with large kick plates, sliding glass and/or screen panels, or glass etchings are disallowed.

Windows may have an approved sun control or energy saving tint. This tint must be a smoke or gray solid color and of a medium darkening density. Opaque or mirrored tints are not allowed.

Window maintenance responsibility is defined in the attached Outside window Pebble Creek diagram.

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