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Reminders: No Parking on Street – Speed Limit – Leash Law

No Parking on the Street

Why do we need to adhere to this request?  If there is an emergency, the firetruck will arrive first on the scene, then an ambulance will follow.  If someone is parked on the street, it is impossible for the firetruck to get to the person in need.  Please be considerate of others.

Follow the speed limit – 15 MPH

Some drivers don’t think about the risks they create. A driver may not think going 5 or 10 mph over the speed limit will be noticeably less safe, but just a 10 mph difference in speed can be critical to whether a pedestrian lives or dies when struck by a car. And the same for someone’s beloved pet.  Please obey the 15 MPH limit.

Leash Law

Outside of your townhome, your dog must be on a leash.  This is a City of Hickory law and also Pebble Creek Homeowners Declarations, Article X, Section Four. Please scoop the poop.  Keep in mind that “your yard” is actually HOA property which we maintain with homeowner dues.  As well, HOA board members may walk through yards to attend to HOA business.  Please be considerate.  Finally, remember the mowers will throw your dog’s business everywhere!

Maintenance Requests & Water Shutoff

Individual maintenance requests and complaints should not be phoned in but written down and
mailed  to:
Thornburg & Associates, Inc
PO Box 3443
Hickory, NC.  28603
or Fax to 828-328-2938
or email

Once received, management will forward to the board members listed above and a response will be available at the next monthly meeting. If you have an urgent matter such as a leaking roof or a sewage back up  please call the management office at 828-328-2936.  Thank You.


Unless there is an emergency we will give you as much advance notice as possible before turning the water off.

We apologize for our recent transgressions in this area.

Pebble Creek HOA Insurance

The Pebble Creek HOA property Insurance Policy has been added to the Documents page. You can also follow this link.

The HOA Board requested this commercial insurance policy after a strong June 2015 storm felled numerous trees causing damage to some of the units.  When the Board made a claim to the insurance company, it was denied with the insurer citing an  “Act of God” (windstorm) not covered by the policy (see NOTICE TO NORTH CAROLINA POLICYHOLDERS near the beginning of the policy).   A Board member familiar with insurance scanned the document and found this to be true except for possibly fire damage.   The  insurer told the Board that the homeowners whose units were damaged should file a claim with their insurance company.   The primary purpose of the policy was to cover liability.  The Board will revisit this policy to determine if more coverage is needed.

An Old Hot Water Heater Can Be Trouble!

If your hot water heater is over 20 years old you may want to replace it.  A hot water heater can fail one of two ways. Either you get a cold shower or it starts leaking out into your unit. Replacing you hot water heater before it fails can also help you save on your electric bill. Improved insulation used in new water heaters can be up to 20% more efficient than old heater. Being proactive about hot water heater replacement prevent expensive carpet or wood flooring damage.

Finding a label on the hot water heater telling how old your heater is can be difficult. A good indicator can be found on the energy guide label by looking for the year your old heater was rated.